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The bridge where Withnail and Marwood go fishing (Withnail uses a shotgun) is a quarter of a mile from Sleddale Hall and the phone box where Withnail calls his agent is at Bampton.

in tatters.

was captivated by it and I wanted to understand it. I don like mysteries. As an academic, I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

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´╗┐memories of a cult Cumbrian film

just one of the character flaws which damages Miu Miu Sale Bags

interpretations discussed in the book are only possible because the film has the bareness and simplicity of myth or legend. It is a frame which we each fill with our own meaning. is a newcomer to the cult of Withnail. She picked up a DVD at a jumble sale last year and was stunned by what she saw. She has since watched the film about 25 times.

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Withnail and I was a flop when released in 1987, thanks largely to a publicity campaign bordering on the apologetic.

is slightly mystified by why they are so fascinated by this film. There a low level of Withnail appreciation, things like teenagers shouting in the street. [As Withnail does to a group of schoolgirls.] They usually move on to other things.

is a compelling figure. When he on screen we don want to watch anyone else. Perhaps it the liberation of seeing someone saying what they mean and not worrying about offending anyone. Richard E Grant performance is widely praised, another star is Cumbria.

enriched my life, she says. what art does for us. I thought I knew what sort of person I was. The film freed something up for me. one thing, Maisie has been wondering why she is so intrigued by the character of Withnail: a cowardly opportunist who betrays his friends, untroubled by conscience.

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Withnail and I is primarily a comedy, with dozens of hilarious lines and a clutch of beautifully Miu Miu Purple Sunglasses staged scenes. But the humour is as dark as the Lakeland skies, shot through with failure and fear.

Miu Miu Purple Sunglasses

him while delighting the audience.

is another level of appreciation, regarding its meaning and its language. It become regarded as a cult film. It mentioned alongside films like Performance and The Wicker Man. But does it really have a lot in common?

was completely possessed. I was waking up in the middle of the night, writing things down. My entire house was taken up with piles of paper.

One admirer is Maisie Robson. Her admiration of the film has led her to a write a new book about it Withnail and the Romantic Imagination which explores Withnail and I hidden meanings and enduring appeal.

Maisie Robson says the film themes are insecurity, betrayal the ordinary grief of growing up, moving on and growing old.

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Millions have been appalled and entranced by Withnail. But there was initially little sign that the film would have fans around the world quoting its lines at each other, visiting its locations, and even playing drinking games based on Withnail prodigious alcohol intake.

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The film is set in 1969 and was written and directed by Bruce Robinson, based on his life in the late 60s.

The lake that Crow Crag apparently overlooks is Haweswater. In reality the lake is several miles away.

It follows two unemployed young actors, Withnail (Richard E Grant) and never named in the film but referred to in the script as Marwood (Paul McGann), who live in a squalid London flat while waiting for their careers to take off.

Despite appearances to the contrary, there was no filming in Penrith. The King Henry pub and Penrith Tea Rooms scenes were filmed at Stony Stratford, near Milton Keynes.

The holiday proves less refreshing than they had hoped. After a series of misadventures, they return to London with their friendship Miu Miu Sunglasses Round Glitter

Miu Miu Purple Sunglasses

It cost a relatively meagre some of which came from executive producer George Harrison.

Maisie lectures at Huddersfield University in Shakespeare and Victorian literature. And she regards the low budget film, made largely in the northern Lake District 25 years ago, as worthy of study alongside the classics.

This is actually Sleddale Hall, near Wet Sleddale Reservoir just outside Shap. In 2009 the near derelict building was bought by Canterbury based architect Tim Ellis, who hopes to restore it as a house.

They drive to the Lakes after acquiring the key to a cottage owned by Withnail flamboyantly gay uncle Monty.

But the film gained admirers, slowly, after its release on video. A small army of fans spread the word and its status as a cult classic was reinforced when it was born again on DVD in 2001, followed by a 20th anniversary edition five years later.

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The Lake District section covers nearly an hour of the film. Much of it is set at Monty cottage, known in the film as Crow Crag.

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Miu Miu Purple Sunglasses

Given the film tragicomic tone, it seems appropriate that the summer of 1986 was a sodden one.

not a celebration of youthful rebellion. It trying to warn us about that. The position Bruce Robinson comes out with is go there. Look at the terrible fate of Withnail. drinking at one point he glugs down lighter fuel is Miu Miu Bags Online India

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